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Keyland Inc. promises that all of their real estate development projects are unlike the competition, both in terms of affordability and in the kind of features and amenities that come with the residential units. The Casa de Sequoia actually has quite a lot of amenities that it is possible for you to stay within the walls of the community for weeks on end just because everything you need are within compound.

The first thing that potential homeowners inquire about when looking for homes is the security and safety situation of the area. This is not a problem with the Sequoia because the building management took every measure to make sure that all the residents are safe and sound inside the community. There is a team of professional security personnel who regularly patrol the community grounds and all of the public spaces. There are also dozens of CCTV cameras installed in strategic locations all over the compound. In case the guards miss something while on their rounds, they will not escape the watchful gaze of the cameras.

All of the buildings also come with emergency power supplies that will immediately kick in when there is a power outage in the area. This means you do not have to worry about getting stuck in the elevator in case the power goes out because within seconds, the generator will have it up and running again. There are also smoke alarms installed in all of the residential units, which will alarm the security team and alert the nearby fire station about the situation. There is also an industrial sprinkler system installed in all the buildings so fires can be put under control as soon as they break out.

If you are a fitness buff then you will love living in the Casa de Sequoia, mainly because there are several fitness facilities inside the community. For instance, there is a beautiful, paved and landscaped jogging path that meanders in between the buildings. Even if you do not want to go jogging, the path is perfect for taking a quick walk inside the compound for a bit of exercise and some fresh air. There are also a couple of benches where you can sit down and just look at the beautiful garden landscape. It is like a nice getaway from the concrete jungle outside the condominium walls.

If the heat of the Philippine sun gets too hot for you to handle, you can head on over to the swimming pool area. There is a full-sized lap pool that you can use for training as well as cooling yourself off. In addition, there is a separate kiddie pool. The kiddie pool is shallow enough for young kids to play and splash around in the water.

The condominium also has its own commercial complex. The outer residential buildings have commercial spaces for lease on the ground floor. There are already a couple of businesses that have set up shop in the condominium, including cafes, restaurants, and convenience stores. This means you do not even need to go far if you need to buy anything. Everything you need is within your reach, literally, when you live in the Casa de Sequoia. This means you can stay at home for weeks if you want.

  • Commercial Spaces
  • Back-Up Power Supply 
  • Low-rise condominium with elevators
  • Swimming Pool 
  • Kiddie Pool 
  • Function Rooms
  • Play Area for Kids
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